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The AIEJI 2009 world congress in Copenhagen resulted in a declaration envisioning a world where social educators help to obtain global justice and fight consequences of the financial crisis for the children, the homeless and others affected by the crisis.

President of AIEJI, Benny Andersen, gave an enthusiastic welcome to 500+ participants from 44 nations President Benny Andersen
See video of the welcoming ceremony 

The Presidents diary

Benny Andersen wrote a diary about his experiences at the AIEJI world congress 4-7 May 2009.
Read his account of things happening


Please watch welcome video and read welcome appetizer.

President Benny Andersen


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AIEJI World Congress 2013

After a happy and successful world congress in Copenhagen this year, the time has come to find new potential candidates for the hosting of the next AIEJI congress and its members and social educators/pedagogues around the world.
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En español

What's on?

The congress is over, we hope you found inspiration and new relations - join our facebook group to nurse your new network.
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Hot dogs, paintings and what-not; workplaces from the Copenhagen region presented themselves in cooperation with the local union for social educators; an event which may become a tradition. The main man in the photo is called Martin, and he is from activity centre for the deaf.
Region Copenhagen

A new board was elected at the congress - and re-election of the president from Denmark.
AIEJI 2009 world congress; new board elected

The AIEJI world congress day one ended at the city hall of Copenhagen where Benny Andersen spoke to the crowd who were looking forward to enjoying the famous "city hall pancakes"!
The president speaking at the city hall of Copenhagen at AIEJI world congress

Kenyan participants at the AIEJI world congress

The atmosphere was vibrant as all participating nations, one by one, were cheered on by President Benny Andersen and the crowd of participants!
Registration at AIEJI world congress

Global voices

Social educators around the globe make a visible difference in the hidden corners of local societies. Read the global voices.


Watch the speeches 

Magic Moments - video
Magic Moments (video)

Field visits - video
Field visits (video)

Paper Sessions - video
Paper Sessions (video)

The opening - video
The opening (video)

Getting started - video
Getting started (video)

Field visits

Please view examples of some of the interesting field visits on offer on Wednesday 6 May.
Watch video about upcoming field visits

Field visits - video

Field visits (May 6) e.g. to TV production company employing only developmentally disabled persons, or visit "Mette Marie" - a residence for people with drug abuse, or perhaps festival of the senses - annual event for the mentally or physically disabled or activity centre Kellersvej; a daytime service for children 1-7 years old with mental and physical impairments. The list goes on - sign up for your favourite at the congress!

Downloads (PDF)

Downloads from paper sessions and workshops

Keynote speakers

Dr. Martin Brokenleg 

Dr. Martin Brokenleg, Canada

Dr. Rosa-Maria Torres del Castillo 

Dr. Rosa-Maria Torres del Castillo, Ecuador

Jakob von Uexkull  

Mr. Jakob von Uexkull, Sweden/Germany

Other invited speakers

Dr. Karl Elling Ellingsen

Dr. Karl Elling Ellingsen, Norway

dr. Inge M. Bryderup 

Dr. Inge M. Bryderup, Denmark

Time & Place

Monday May 4th - May 7th 2009.

The venue :congress centre DGI-byen, in the centre of Copenhagen.


There are two winners from the SAS-competition - a gift at DKK 600 to "Illums Bolighus":
Kathrin Hartmann - Austria 
Ònia Navarro Cano – Spain
Both will be contacted directly by SAS